Dr. Richmond, her students, and her colleagues have published work in a variety of venues. Selected publications are below. To see the most updated list of publications refer to Dr. Richmond’s google scholar page. If you would like a copy of any of these publications and are not able to access them, do not hesitate to email Dr. Richmond (laurie.richmond [at] and she will send you a copy.


Selected Publications:

* undergraduate student co-author; +graduate student co-author

Richmond, L., Dumouchel, R. +, Pontarelli, H., Casali, L. +, Smith, W. +, Gillick, K., Godde, P., Dowling, M.*, Suarez, A.*, 2019. Fishing Community Sustainability Planning: A Roadmap and Examples from the California Coast. Sustainability 11, 1904.

Richmond, L., Gruby, R.L., Kotowicz, D., Dumouchel, R.*, 2019. Local participation and large marine protected areas: Lessons from a U.S. Marine National Monument. Journal of Environmental Management 252, 109624.

Richmond, L., W. Fisher, W. Smith+, S. Hackett, J. Tyburczy. 2018. Summary Report: Humboldt Bay Shellfish Mariculture Business Survey: Assessing economic conditions and impact. November 2018. Report in fulfillment of CSU Agricultural Research Institute Grant: 17-06-003 pdf.

L. Ordoñez-Gauger+, L. Richmond, S. Hackett, C. Chen. 2018. It’s a Trust Thing: Assessing Fishermen’s Perceptions of the California North Coast Marine Protected Area Network. Ocean & Coastal Management. 158: 144-153.

Kotowicz, D., L. Richmond, J. Hospital. 2017. Exploring public knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Coastal Management. here.

Hackett, S., L. Richmond, C. Chen, L. Ordoñez-Gauger+, N. Enelow, L. Casali+. 2017. Socioeconomics of North Coast Fisheries in the Context of Marine Protected Area Formation. Report to the California Sea Grant College Program. In partial fulfillment of Grant No. #R/MPA-36. 305 pp. here.

Levine, A. and L. Richmond. 2015. Using common-pool resource design principles to assess the viability of community-based fisheries co-management systems in American Samoa and Hawai’i. Marine Policy, 62, 9-17. here

Richmond, L. and D. Kotowicz. 2015. Equity and access in marine protected areas: The history and future of ‘traditional indigenous fishing’ in the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Applied Geography. 59: 117-124.

Richmond, L., D. Kotowicz, J. Hospital. 2015. Monitoring Socioeconomic Impacts of the Hawaii’s 2010 bigeye tuna closure: Complexities of local management in a global fishery. Ocean & Coastal Management. 106: 87-96.

Levine, A. L. Richmond, D. Lopez-Carr. 2015. Marine Resource Management: Culture, livelihoods, and governance. Applied Geography. 59: 56-59.

McNamee, K*., E. Wisheropp*, C. Weinstein*, A. Nugent* and L. Richmond 2014. Scenario Planning for Building Coastal Resilience in the Face of Sea Level Rise: The Case of Jacobs Ave, Eureka, CA. Humboldt Journal of Social Relations. pdf

Levine, A and L. Richmond 2014. Examining Enabling Conditions for Community-based Fisheries Co-management: Comparing Efforts in Hawaii and American Samoa. Ecology and Society. 19(1):24. pdf

Richmond, L. 2013. Incorporating Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice into Fishery Management: Comparing Policy Challenges and Potentials from Alaska and Hawaii. Environmental Management. 52 (5): 1071-1084.

Richmond, L., Beth Rose Middleton, Robert Gilmer, Zoltán Grossman, Terry Janis, Stephanie Lucero, Tukoroirangi Morgan, and Annette Watson. 2013. Indigenous Studies Speaks to Environmental Management. Environmental Management. 52 (5): 1041-1045

Weisberg, S., G. Spangler, and L.S. Richmond. 2010. Mixed Effects Models for Fish Growth. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 67(2): 269-277. here

Richmond, L.S., D. DiPiero, F. Espinoza, T. Simeonoff, and M. Faraday. 2010. We Shared the Same Chapter: Collaboration, learning, and transformation in the Environment and Community Well-being Native Youth Exchange in Old Harbor, Alaska. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement. 14 (4): 63 – 82.


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