Research Lab a Part of Large NSF Study Related to Restoring Kelp in the Face of Climate Change

We are excited to announce that our lab, along with the research lab of Sean Craig from the Biology department, are going to be part of a large NSF project led by Marissa Baskett of UC Davis to explore the social-ecological system connect to kelp ecosystems in Northern California. The HD lab will contribute to gathering information related to the socioeconomic systems connected to kelp. New graduate student Jocelyn Enevoldsen will be working as a part of that project. Press release is here.

Purple sea urchins actively grazing on kelp off the coast of Mendocino County, California. (Photo by Chris Teague)

HD Research Lab Involved in Cascadia Research Hub for Coastal Resiliency

It was announced last fall that Dr. Richmond will be joining ESM Faculty Member Jennifer Marlow from HSU to participate in five year NSF funded project led by Oregon State University and University of Washington to conduct research related to coastal resilience. The grant will include funding for four graduate students, four undergraduate researchers, and for community partners. LINK

HSU graduate student Kristina Kunkel measures floodwaters in King Salmon on the North Coast during a king tide, a tide that’s higher than normal. HSU professors and other universities will collaborate on research dedicated to coastal resilience in the Cascadia region.