Dr. Richmond, her students, and her colleagues have published work in a variety of venues. Selected publications are below. To see the most updated list of publications refer to Dr. Richmond’s google scholar page. If you would like a copy of any of these publications and are not able to access them, do not hesitate to email Dr. Richmond (laurie.richmond [at] and she will send you a copy.

60160025 Selected Publications:

* undergraduate student co-author; +graduate student co-author

Richmond, L., W. Fisher, W. Smith+, S. Hackett, J. Tyburczy. 2018. Summary Report: Humboldt Bay Shellfish Mariculture Business Survey: Assessing economic conditions and impact. November 2018. Report in fulfillment of CSU Agricultural Research Institute Grant: 17-06-003 pdf.

L. Ordoñez-Gauger+, L. Richmond, S. Hackett, C. Chen. 2018. It’s a Trust Thing: Assessing Fishermen’s Perceptions of the California North Coast Marine Protected Area Network. Ocean & Coastal Management. 158: 144-153. Author’s pre-print here.

Kotowicz, D., L. Richmond, J. Hospital. 2017. Exploring public knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Coastal Management. here.

Hackett, S., L. Richmond, C. Chen, L. Ordoñez-Gauger+, N. Enelow, L. Casali+. 2017. Socioeconomics of North Coast Fisheries in the Context of Marine Protected Area Formation. Report to the California Sea Grant College Program. In partial fulfillment of Grant No. #R/MPA-36. 305 pp. here.

Levine, A. and L. Richmond. 2015. Using common-pool resource design principles to assess the viability of community-based fisheries co-management systems in American Samoa and Hawai’i. Marine Policy, 62, 9-17. here

Richmond, L. and D. Kotowicz. 2015. Equity and access in marine protected areas: The history and future of ‘traditional indigenous fishing’ in the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Applied Geography. 59: 117-124. here

Richmond, L., D. Kotowicz, J. Hospital. 2015. Monitoring Socioeconomic Impacts of the Hawaii’s 2010 bigeye tuna closure: Complexities of local management in a global fishery. Ocean & Coastal Management. 106: 87-96. here

Levine, A. L. Richmond, D. Lopez-Carr. 2015. Marine Resource Management: Culture, livelihoods, and governance. Applied Geography. 59: 56-59. here

McNamee, K*., E. Wisheropp*, C. Weinstein*, A. Nugent* and L. Richmond 2014. Scenario Planning for Building Coastal Resilience in the Face of Sea Level Rise: The Case of Jacobs Ave, Eureka, CA. Humboldt Journal of Social Relations. pdf

Levine, A and L. Richmond 2014. Examining Enabling Conditions for Community-based Fisheries Co-management: Comparing Efforts in Hawaii and American Samoa. Ecology and Society. 19(1):24. pdf

Richmond, L. 2014. Anagyuk (Partner): Personal Relationships and the Exploration of Sugpiaq Fishing Geographies in Old Harbor, AK. In J. Johnson and S. Larson eds. A Deeper Sense of Place: New Geographies of Indigenous-Academic Collaboration Oregon State University Press. here

Kotowicz, D., and L. Richmond. 2013. Traditional Fishing Patterns in the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument. Pacific Islands Fish. Sci. Cent., Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., NOAA, Honolulu, HI 96822-2396. Pacific Islands Fish. Sci. Cent. Admin. Rep. H-13-05, 54 p. pdf

Richmond, L. 2013. Incorporating Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice into Fishery Management: Comparing Policy Challenges and Potentials from Alaska and Hawaii. Environmental Management. 52 (5): 1071-1084. here or pdf

Richmond, L., Beth Rose Middleton, Robert Gilmer, Zoltán Grossman, Terry Janis, Stephanie Lucero, Tukoroirangi Morgan, and Annette Watson. 2013. Indigenous Studies Speaks to Environmental Management. Environmental Management. 52 (5): 1041-1045 here

Richmond, L. and A. Levine. 2012. Institutional Analysis of Community-based Marine Resource Management Initiatives in Hawai`i and American Samoa. NOAA Technical Memorandum: Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center. Honolulu, HI. pdf

Richmond, L. 2011. Regulating a Mystery: Science, colonialism, and the politics of knowing in the Pacific halibut commons. PhD Dissertation. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. here

Weisberg, S., G. Spangler, and L.S. Richmond. 2010. Mixed Effects Models for Fish Growth. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 67(2): 269-277. here

Richmond, L.S., D. DiPiero, F. Espinoza, T. Simeonoff, and M. Faraday. 2010. We Shared the Same Chapter: Collaboration, learning, and transformation in the Environment and Community Well-being Native Youth Exchange in Old Harbor, Alaska. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement. 14 (4): 63 – 82. here


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